Josef Hader was born in 1962 in Waldhausen, Upper Austria.
His first leading role was in 1992, in the television film CAPPUCCINO MELANGE;
the following year he appeared in the feature film INDIA, with Alfred Dorfer, directed by Paul Harather.
In 1994 he premiered his cabaret programme PRIVAT, taking it on tour through Austria, Germany and Switzerland until 1999.
In the year 2000 he took the leading role in two film projects: DER ÜBERFALL (director: Florian Flicker)
and COME, SWEET DEATH (based on the novel by Wolf Haas, director: Wolfgang Murnberger).
From 2001 to 2004 Josef Hader toured Austria with his production HADER SPIELT HADER.
At the same time, he took the leading role in the road movie BLUE MOON in 2002 (Director: Andrea Dusl).
In 2003 he starred in the feature film SILENTIUM (based on a novel by Wolf Haas), directed by Wolfgang Murnberger.
At the end of 2004 Josef Hader first presented his current cabaret programme HADER MUSS WEG.
He can be seen performing this work in Austria and Germany.
In 2005 Josef Hader took the leading role in the television film HEAVEN (Director: David Schalko), part of the ORF series "8x45".
At the 2006 Salzburg Festival he presented his first play for the theatre, HUSTEN.
In 2007 Josef Hader was invited to the Berlin Film Festival with the film JAGDHUNDE (Director: Ann-Kristin Reyels).
In 2007 Hader played a rapist and murderer in the new TV drama EIN HALBES LEBEN by Nikolaus Leytner. This ORF-ZDF co-production was broadcast in 2008.
In the spring of 2009, following on from COME SWEET DEATH and SILENTIUM, the third film version of a Wolf Haas thriller is released: THE BONE MAN.